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Creative Teams

posted 22 Jul 2010, 18:38 by Anna Watts   [ updated 12 Jul 2020, 03:52 ]
We have two new staff profiles in the about section of the website.  It is very exciting to see how the combination of our talents and interests are coming together to make Pin Spot a unique business. 
I recently read a couple of books, which I recommend to you, about creativity. CATS, the nine lives of innovation by Stephen C Lundin Ph.D. beselling author of FISH! with Jimmy Tan has lots of tips on how to challenge ourselves to do things in new and better ways.  "CATS is a reference to any human being seeking to be more innovative." (pxiii)  I can certainly relate to the idea that leading creative people can be like trying to heard cats!  Though Pin Spot is purring along nicely thankyou with production about to begin on a new puppet play and seasonal banners for art therapy groups almost finished. 
Ideaship: How to get ideas flowing in your workplace by Jack Foster emphasises fun and encouragement to create the right conditions for creativity.  Pin Spot Studio recently acquired a small fan heater which we use on the coldest days to make our environment much more fun!  Usually though, I am rugged up like the Michelin Man which often makes me chuckle anyway. Also I have taken to banging the drum my brother bought me one Christmas everytime I feel a bit tired or stuck in my work.  It really gets the energy flowing!  Sometimes the best thing we can do for our creative wellbeing is add a dollop of fun.  I think I will get my hands on some of my favourite comic strips this week and have a flick through for a few laughs...