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Ferocity to Paint

posted 31 Oct 2011, 21:40 by Anna Watts   [ updated 12 Jul 2020, 03:39 ]
Pin Spot is pleased to present the work of Western Sydney artist Grant Douglass.  Ferocity to Paint opens this Saturday 5th November 2011, 3pm to 5pm at the Pin Spot Gallery for Creative Wellbeing, and runs until 2nd December 2011
Grant Douglass lay in an art coma, but finally awoke with ferocity to draw & paint a hidden world - a world that most have no idea about: the life & journey of a “single twin”. After the death of his brother, Grant lost sight of their twinship, so too his art went into a coma. Now, nineteen years later he finds he was given a gift: in seeing death & feeling his twinship torn apart, it also showed him life.
Now Grant’s painted portraits of women celebrate life. Each portrait invites you to look into the eyes - the windows to the soul - because true beauty comes from within. Smaller works on paper celebrate happy days by the sea. All work is for sale.