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Resources and The Man Who Planted Trees

posted 6 Dec 2010, 18:53 by Anna Watts   [ updated 12 Jul 2020, 03:47 ]
Recently Gerard and I had the pleasure of attending a puppet show at the Sydney Opera House: The Man Who Planted Trees by the Scottish Puppet Theatre.  Amazingly based on a true story about a man in France during the first half of the twentieth century, who created a whole forest by simply setting out each morning to plant trees.  Each day he walked over the barren landscape dropping a seed into the hole made by his staff, returning at night with his dog to his simple lodgings.  His daily habit and simple persistance brought streams, plants, animals and people back to the area.  When he died many villagers were unaware that they owed their beautiful and fertile environment to the efforts of one man.  The government even protected the forest as a natural habitat!
The puppetry production of this story was storytelling at its best.  The design was simple and effective.  The puppetry used a variety of scale, movement and humour to keep the family audience captivated.  Simple storytelling, beautiful language and even scented oils created a magical atmosphere.
We were left with a sense of inspiration regarding what a positive difference one person can make and the importance of providing people with uplifting stories instead of cynical, sinister or depressing tales often dished out as entertainment. 
The Man Who Planted Trees offered the resources he had - vision, time and labour to transform his world and that of those around him, without acknowledgement or thanks.
We have new additionsto our resources section.  Laurinda has created an article about The Wounded Healer with examples from Greek mythology - a concept that can help all of us, but especially workers in the helping professions, to practise self care in order to prevent burnout.  Pin Spot will use this document in Art Therapy and Creative Wellbeing workshops in the new year.  I have drawn on my experience in counselling the long term unemployed to present a personal reflection on Helping Others Despite Our Fears and Dr Tom Barnard puts forward a Christian perspective. We are interested in your comments regarding creative wellbeing including strategies you use daily...