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The Kings Speech

posted 28 Jan 2011, 16:44 by Anna Watts   [ updated 12 Jul 2020, 03:46 ]
If it is true that most people fear public speaking more than death, then it is no wonder The Kings Speech is touching such a chord at the cinemas.  Colin Firth plays King George VI and Geoffrey Rush plays the speech therapist that helps the king overcome his stammer.  The persistance and courage the king shows in overcoming his difficulties is inspiring.  The final scenes left me on the edge of my seat, egging him on.  The unlikely friendship between the two men draws the audience into the drama.  Lionel Logue, the therapist, is an amateur actor who gained his experience rehabilitating soldiers after the First World War.  Art therapy and speech therapy grew out of a similar moment in history, although the healing role of art has a long tradition.  Ancient cultures around the world employed images, dance, music, drama and ritual in the service of healing.  The Kings Speech is not only entertaining, but shines a light - revealing the power of the human spirit to heal and to triumph.  Definitely a must see movie.