Studio Projects

We always have something on the boil in the studio.  Creative projects are what make Pin Spot come alive.  Creative wellbeing for us as a business means having the time and resources to make art, create puppet productions, write music and weave stories.  We find a purpose in building a sense of community through our creations and their contexts.

Frank and Shelley

posted 9 Jun 2011, 18:01 by Anna Watts   [ updated 12 Jul 2020, 04:42 ]

Frank and Shelley take Parramatta by storm.  Frank works on his next business project from the comfort of his study.  Shelley enjoys some art appreciation between science experiements.  Rumour has it, these two friends will very soon have their own pages on the Pin Spot website - stay tuned...

Exploring the spiritual in art

posted 12 Jul 2010, 20:06 by Anna Watts   [ updated 12 Jul 2020, 04:42 ]

Virtual Christ: “Where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them.” (Matthew 18:20)  Virtual Christ is about suffering and the internet. Does technology bring us closer to humanity or distance us? Is the face of Christ encountered in the people we meet on Facebook? Virtual Christ suspended on a cross of circuit boards - where do we really find the Divine presence? Anna has entered Virtual Christ in the Blake Prize 2010.

Sockhausen and friends

posted 11 Jul 2010, 00:02 by Anna Watts   [ updated 12 Jul 2020, 04:43 ]

Pin Spot has created its own set of hand and rod puppets from socks. These puppets have been used with great fun this year by the Pin Spot Puppet Club participants and not doubt will pop up at future creativity and relaxation workshops for adults.

Handy puppets

posted 9 Jul 2010, 00:25 by Anna Watts   [ updated 12 Jul 2020, 04:43 ]

Anna has also produced a series of hand puppet prototypes for use in future Pin Spot Puppet Clubs. Quickly produced in paper mache by layering strips, the final product will be modelled in clay, then cast in moulds with paper mache pulp.

Animal puppets - head first!

posted 8 Jul 2010, 23:30 by Anna Watts   [ updated 12 Jul 2020, 04:44 ]

In April 2010 Anna was very happy to have Laurinda’s assistance to begin work on a puppet version of Animal Farm by George Orwell. It will be a challenge to adapt a script for only a few puppeteer hands, since there are so many characters in the original. Luckily Pin Spot likes a challenge and we have remembered to start with one small step - heads first!



Pin Spot Studio Space

posted 28 Sept 2009, 12:38 by Anna Watts   [ updated 12 Jul 2020, 04:45 ]

In March 2010 Pin Spot found a home at Parramatta Artists Studios.  An inviting space 5m x 3m right next to the kitchen with natural light, sink and power points. Hooray!  Transforming this space is a work in progress.  The practical work of Pin Spot takes place here, as well as individual art therapy and creativity coaching/counselling sessions.


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