Relaxation Sessions for Staff

Burnout prevention -  reduce staff turnover, reduce stress leave, reduce sick days and reduce costs.
Improve the capacity of staff to manage stressful situations.
Refresh - revitalise - renew enthusiasm!
We recommend a staff RELAXATION SESSION once a month.


Participants will be more resourceful, by experiencing a relaxed stated.

Participants will gain insight, by reflecting on the content of the guided imagery through the art process.

Organisations will have a staff burnout prevention strategy in place, as they provide a regular opportunity for staff to attend to self care.

Long term benefits of RELAXATION SESSIONS as your staff burnout prevention strategy will be a refreshed, enthusiastic workplace. You will send the message to staff that their wellbeing is important, maximising your opportunity to reduce staff turnover, reduce stress leave, reduce sick days and reduce costs.

Previous workshop formats: Imagination and Relaxation Circles (2011)

Take time for self care: refresh the spirit, renew the imagination and relax.
Participants will experience a guided imagery session followed by an art process.

The facillitator will begin with a relaxation technique that will allow the participants to close their eyes and use their imagination to follow the description of a particular image e.g. a beach, a forest etc. The facilitator will gently lead the participants from their "day dream" back to ordinary awareness. Participants will have the opportunity to process their experience with art making. Symbols, associations and metaphors arising from the guided imagery may be revealed naturally through the art process.  This process supports participants to get in touch with their creative side and become more resourceful in the workplace.